All of our products are designed by me, Rena Dearden.  I use the old fashioned method of using a pencil and eraser, I don't use any computer aided drafting to develop my designs. 

I offer two options for a custom design (which is an entirely new pattern development, not a customized color on a current design).

Non-Exclusive: This is for a specific design where you would like the finished product made for you and Rustic Horseshoe maintains all copyrights.  The finished product would be made for you, additionally it would become an item I also sell the finished product and possibly the pattern to the general public.  It will be a Rustic Horseshoe design/item and you pay for the finished product only, not the designing process or any rights to the design.  While I love custom designs, I do need to be selective on which non-exclusive designs I create.  A lot of time goes into creating a new design so it needs to be something I feel will sell well in either a finished product or pattern/tutorial for me to determine if I will proceed with creating a new non-exclusive design.  Please don't hesitate to ask!

Exclusive: This is for a specific design to be made for use by you and/or your company only.  The rate is an hourly rate for the time to design the product, create the end product and/or any prototypes and a pattern/tutorial for your use and/or sale exclusively.  Rustic Horseshoe relinquishes the copyright to you and/or your company.  Details will be discussed individually with you.   

Custom Designs