Rustic Horseshoe was founded in 2009 by me, Rena Dearden, after the birth of my first child when I was in search of work I could do from home to allow me to stay home with her.   I was working full time as a Police Officer so I first developed my stick horse for the purpose of selling the pattern as something I could do while working full time and caring for my infant daughter. I hand create all of my original patterns with a good old fashioned pencil, eraser and paper.  I have always been creative minded and artistic...but I was a novice sewer at best and had never made a plush toy, or certainly hadn't designed one, when I began this venture.  Dedication and hard work develop your talents and do pay off!

Two years later, after the birth of my second child, I took a leap of faith and 'retired' from my career in law enforcement to further grow my home based business and be at home with my young children. I am so grateful that so far it has all worked out, every single customer is a blessing!

I solicit help from my husband, Michael for his handy work with wood and metal for several items in our shop.  Janet helps on the sewing end of things when order volume is high.

I support American made as much as possible in the selection of the materials I use to create my items to the items I purchase for my personal use. The primary reasons being to support the people in the country I call home first and to reduce carbon footprint.

All items are handmade here in Cornville, Arizona.  The designs are our original designs and I offer many of them in a pattern/tutorial form.  I can also design something exclusively for you, please contact me for details.

My love of horses and the western lifestyle infiltrates most of the items in our shop. To me, these stick horses are treasured heirlooms and keepsakes to be thorougly enjoyed and loved by the child who first calls it his to be passed on to future generations to love. My childhood stick horse was a little overworked and isn't in any condition to be passed on to my children to play with, but it certainly has its home here as a treasured reminder of the joys in my childhood.

I love new challenges and I love hearing from my customers!  

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